Synopsis :

Malik, Allal and Soufiane, three friends, live by stealing in a town wedged between a hill and an impressive mountain, Tetouan. One day, they decide to change their destiny.
And rob the city’s largest jewellery store. But soon the reasons for this robbery will diverge and place them against each other!
Malik, 26, unemployed, is Madly in love with Dounia, a prostitute at the nightclub “La Passarella”. If he agrees to take part in this robbery, it is obviously to save her.
Allal, 30, is a Tough guy. Tall and strong, he doesn’t understand why Malik is in love with Dounia.
If he wants to rob the jeweller’s shop, it’s to get into the big drug business.
Soufiane, 18, is a high school student who skips classes except sport.
He is nimble, fast, laughing, strong and lively, but one day his life changes. If he decides to join in, it is to kill the Christian owner of the jewellery shop.
A city constantly under a low and heavy sky, three losers, a dream of greatness, a jewellery store, a woman comes to the city…