Synopsis :

Farid is 26 years old. He divides his life between law university, where he barely goes and his job in a telemarketing company.
He lives in a city of Montreuil with his parents. His father, of Algerian origin, is very ill. The uncle called from the country to announce that the town of Sidi Mimoun wanted to confiscate part of the land where the family home is located.
A house that his father had built stone by stone. In the absence of documents proving ownership, the land will be requisitioned and the house destroyed.
Farid’s parents ask him to go to Algeria for ten days to resolve this issue and to regularise the situation. The problem is that Farid has never been to Algeria… He barely speaks Arabic.
There, he will be hosted by his uncle Brahim, brother of his father and his cousin Farid Hadji, his namesake. He is a small bandit who deals in hashish and diesel with Morocco.
He spends his days with his uncle running around the administration and his evenings with his cousin and friends on the cafeteria terrace in the central square of Sidi Mimoun.
After a few days of unsuccessful approaches, Farid’s cousin offers him a weekend getaway in Oran, 200 KM from Sidi Mimoun, and he robs his papers and plane tickets.
He just found a note from his cousin at the hotel reception saying “You’ve been enjoying France for 25 years, now It’s my turn”.
Farid get stuck in Algeria. Calls his family in France. His parents advise him to keep quiet
for the moment and to return to Sidi Mimoun, to his uncle’s house, until the matter is resolved.
This identity theft is an opportunity for Farid to look back at his origins. He wonders about his parents background, about his identity. He realises how significant has been the journey and the deracination of his parents.
When various events disrupt his stay, Farid decides to return to France illegally with his friends from Sidi Mimoun.
He wants to go back home, to have an experience as strong as his father’s, forty years earlier when he moved to France.